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Laws,Terms,and conditions

posted Dec 21, 2011 14:34:30 by Roby
-By signing up to this forum you are accepting all its terms and conditions.
-By no gore,violent,vulgar scenes or sentences.
-In order to get promoted to admin/mod you must appeal in the correct section of the forums and i will check all the appeals and do what i must(or another admin...)
-Mods and Admins will never ask for your password.If so, please report at the appeals section so i demote him.
-It is ILLEGAL to sell and buy accounts from forums especially if they are moderators or admins.If found guilty,severe punishments will take order(IPban,IPbill to your paypal account...)
-Concerning the black market zone you do understand that you might be breaking terms and policy and rules of the games or media you are selling...this "assossiation" if i may call it is not responsible of you getting banned or any other punishments due to your sale offers...evryone is responsible of his own sale offers etc...
-Breaking of any real world law or laws listed in here will result in a severe heartless HAVE been warned...
-SPAMMING is illegal,so is advertising if it is not affiliated with us or without permition from a superior admin.
-We are not encouraging you to break any,ANY laws but if anyone does...same punishment applies...
-Admins/Mod/Staff will never ask for your account informations if they do...INSTANTS BAN!
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By reading this i have successfully punked you into wasting your time...SUCKA!!!!! :P
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